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A chat with PANIA

PANIA is a West Melbourne based RnB singer, rapper and songwriter - carving her spot and commanding attention with her raw emotion, unique cadences and eye catching flair. PANIA has quickly garnered the attention of those eagerly waiting to see what she drops next.

Having grown up in a Polynesian household where music and culture intertwine closely, the hereditary importance of the music within her was evident from a young age, and pours out in her song writing.

When and how did you get involved with music?

I'm pretty sure I wanted to be an artist after watching the Justin Bieber movie funnily enough. I got involved in music late highschool, most of my friends growing up were singers and it was always something I loved being around and wished that I could do but was too shy to try it out, I’d youtube singing tutorials after class and that's kind of how it all started! I began linking with local producers and writing my own music a year after highschool and have been ever since.

Who are your musical influences?

Growing up it was always love songs that influenced me. The artists that empowered me were Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu and Rihanna. These days most of my inspiration is sparked by more personal things like relationships and the environment/people I'm surrounded by.

What does your creative process look like?

It revolves a lot around being comfortable within the space I'm creating in, I love freestyling melodies and hooks over whatever my producer is working on and having a back and forth kind of dynamic going. I have to be deep into the mood to create something I really love. It's very melody based.

Your absolutely killer song ‘ICYY’ was released just a couple of months ago, can you tell us a bit about the track?

I made ‘Icyy’ whilst exploring a more melodic trap sound with my vocals, The song refers to feelings of numbness & giving the cold shoulder as a result of being hurt in the past, reflecting my own pain onto potential love and not allowing myself to feel vulnerable again.

What’s it like coming up as an artist from the west of Melbourne? What makes it different?

Growing up in the West is an experience of its own, it's very diverse out here, I grew up being surrounded by different cultures which was a beautiful thing. It's super industrial in some parts and not much is really going on so I guess there's that added pressure and drive to push things farther and try to make our art surpass local scenes - as it’s not really expected or known of kids from the west to be artists or thrive in this industry. There's definitely a unique hub of artists coming up. I'm keen to see the spotlight shine down these ends in the near future.

Who are some of your favourite local artists at the moment?

Craigie Wave & Gabriel Lcr are 2 artists I'm super excited for!

What’s next for PANIA?

Covid stayyys delaying everything haha, but I am dropping a few more singles this year and hopefully a music video!



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