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Amplify meets childsoldier

In the week leading up to our Amplify: Forever West event, we’ll be getting to know the artists and small business owners that will be joining us on Sunday.

Tell us about yourself?

I’m not really sure how I would describe myself.

Describe your style and what inspires your art form?

Melancholy, most of the photographic work I've made is either really blurry, dark, overly contrasted or singular subject oriented. It's the best way I can really describe it, as my biggest inspirations come from my own visual experiences and the people I've grown up with. Telling a story and trying to welcome those outside of my life, into my life.

What motivates you to create?

Whatever music I'm listening to, music that I'm making, books that contain really cool and pretty pictures, anything related to sounds and daily life. I really like to take photos/create art that’s influenced by sound, trying to embody the noises I hear and love, then turning that into a photograph.

After looking at your past work, you tend to take a lot of photos of people whether they are friends or strangers, what draws you to that versus other types of photography?

I just find people and their daily routines really interesting. Truthfully, I feel like a freak whenever I take photos of strangers in secret. But I always find my best work to be of people who are unaware that I just took a photo of them. It feels so disingenuous when I stop someone from what they’re doing and ask them for a photo. I’m also scared of approaching people and asking to take photos of them. I just find other forms of photography not that fun compared to portraiture work, I guess I just really enjoy looking at people.

Alice & Dylan by childsoldier

You can see work from childsoldier this Sunday at Amplify: Forever West.

Settle in at the Bluestone Church Arts Space for an afternoon of live music, literary performances and art by emerging artists from the Western suburbs and beyond, guest-curated by Rude Baby Records.

Sunday, June 19 ♡ 4:00pm - 6:00pm

⛪️ Bluestone Church Arts Space - 8A Hyde Street, Footscray 3011

More info + tickets here


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