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Get to know: 3K

3K are a high energy hip-hop group from Melbourne with bangers for every occasion. 3K formed in 2017 to represent Melbourne as a cultural hub for music & diversity. With members living all across Melbourne, they draw on the uniqueness of their suburbs and family backgrounds to produce an intoxicating experimental hip-hop sound. 3K is a force to be reckoned with.

When and how did you all get involved with music?

Benny Lago: Always wanted to be involved with music/something creative as a kid. The involvement with music catalysed when we all met each other and pushed each other to make dope music together!

Bel: I feel as if music found us as it came around naturally as we developed as friends.

Who are your musical influences?

Eissa: Too many to name but if i have to name 3 it’d be Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Frank Ocean

Benny Lago: Funny enough I was actually influenced by everything growing up. Stuff like TV theme songs, little tunes heard in cartoons etc. At the moment though it would probably be Kanye West, Tyler the Creator, and Childish Gambino. All 3 of em are just so creative in everything they do.

What does your creative process look like? Bel: We’ve learnt to adapt and find various workflows and the creative process always changes but that allows us to always push ourselves and evolve our content.

Eissa: if the beat comes first, listening to it for a while then beginning to write. Sometimes if I’m out or doing something and a lyric or phrase/concept pops into my head I’d write it down and continue it when I find a suitable beat. Other times it’s just being in the stu and trying to catch a vibe till I hear the right beat den boom!

Benny Lago: I try to take inspiration in every single thing in life. As a producer, sometimes the sound of the dishwasher can put a thought in my brain to make a beat sorta inspired by that. With writing I like to listen to the beat first and get a feel of it before writing lyrics to it. Sometimes random lyrics pop in my head and I put it in my Notes app for future use.

You recently dropped your latest single ‘Ni Hao’, tell us a bit about it?

Benny Lago: Ni Hao to me is sort of a song that can be interpreted 2 ways. On one it’s about us being on top (no pun intended) of the competition and on another it could also be about a girl. Take it how you will!

Beluga: Ni Hao is a moody banger about getting what you want. It’s an evolution of our sound and a indication of what’s to come next/

What’s it like coming up as artists from the west of Melbourne? What makes it different? Bel: It’s really exciting because we represent where we’re coming from as well as all our own individual backgrounds. I feel that this is a great representation of how people are from the west of Melbourne so i feel a lot of our energy and authenticity comes from being here.

Benny Lago: It’s funny because fun fact, I’m actually from the east! It is definitely exciting to come up as artists representing Melbourne as a whole. Not even gonna lie, being in the west feels more at home at times too! It’s definitely very exciting working with the best artists in the west and I’m very happy and lucky to call them my friends.

Who are some of your favourite local artists or collectives at the moment? Bel: There are so many dope artists in melbourne doing great things right now. Too many to name but PiiiMP is one that stands out.

Eissa: PiimP, YKM, Boy Ace, Pania

Benny Lago: What Beluga and Eissa said.

What’s next for 3K?

Bel: We got projects coming out. Spent a lot of last year making our best content and a lot of this year perfecting it so we can’t wait to finally show everyone what we’ve got stored. 3K SEASON SOON

Benny Lago: Quality content. Whether it be music, music videos, skits. Stay tuned and you’ll find out!



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