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Get to know: Faxman

Faxman is Chris Rugge's Music/Art moniker with a sketchy lo-fi sound heavily informed by 60s psychedelia and blues. Though initially a solo bedroom project, Faxman is now a full band for live shows.

How did you all get involved with music and what prompted the beginning of Faxman?

Well I got into music and especially writing music as soon as I could play a little bit of guitar, I think it was around age 10 or 11. I think I started the Faxman project as just a way of simplifying things, stripping everything back to me recording folk/blues songs by myself. At the time id just done an EP in Geelong with a psych band, and there was lots of stuff going on in my life so I felt the need to start fresh, move to Footscray and just focus on the kind of music id always wanted to release.

What does Faxman’s creative process look like?

Bursts of euphoric inspiration followed by weeks of pacing manically around the house, unable to figure out the last line or riff. But usually if I want to make something new I just start playing around making anything, music or visual, even if its without a clear goal, some kind of idea will often come out of it.

Who are your musical influences?

My first EP ‘Unaltered vol.1’ was inspired mostly by early blues legend Charly Patton, Dylan, and spaghetti western soundtracks. Ive definitely kept those influences but my 3 track EP ‘The Derealisation’ leans more into influences from mid 60s Garage nuggets like the Standells and Count Five.

What’s it like coming up as a band from the west of Melbourne? What makes it different?

The west is interesting because despite the current shortage of gig venues there’s still so many amazing bands and artists living here and there’s a real strong sense of community between everyone.

Faxman is made up of Chris Rugge, Jarrah Saunders, Nick Rushbrook, Rizky Pratama & Hayden Guildford.



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