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Get to know: Magic Ian

"And from behind the red curtain of space and time - we present to you - Magic Ian! A cosmic concoction of colour and sound, brewed with a dash of delirium, a sprinkle of psychedelia, and a sprig of lavender, Ian's potion is poised for the mystical palette."

How did you all get involved in music and what prompted the beginning of Magic Ian?

We had all played throughout the years in different bands, but it wasn't until 2018 that we started formulating the original Magic Ian line up (at each others shows), with the vision of writing and recording some retro wizard psychedelia.

What does Magic Ian's creative process look like?

Most of our songs began at around 9pm with Jaxon- lead singer and rhythm guitarist- entering a state of deep, ritualised hypnosis, from where he would engrave the lyrics onto a very real stone tablet by the light of the full moon. These trances would last for 6 hours take or give, and by the end of the process we'd possess about 3 songs, which the rest of the band would chip away at with the help of Ian's sacred chisel.

Who are your musical influences?

The Doors, Peace, The Beatles, MF DOOM, Frank Sinatra, King Krule, Bob Dylan and my dearest musical friends (you know who you are)

What's it like coming up as a band from the west of Melbourne? What makes it different?

The wild west is an often mysterious place where anything can happen! We've met these magical pockets of musicians aka Faxman and Dead Family Pets who have been giving us direction since before we could afford a compass, and Footscray specifically is like our own little village of love. We haven't stumbled upon any wicked witches... yet ;~)

Magic Ian is made up of Jaxon Pollard, Christian Familar, Claire Waddellwood, Harry Firth & Jack Titterington.

Magic Ian


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