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Get to know: Uncle Charlie's Music Room

Uncle Charlie's Music Room is a neo-psychedelic rock band from Melbourne's west. They consist of three band members, James on guitar, Jett on drums and Nick on bass.

How did you all get involved with music and what prompted the beginning of ​Uncle Charlie's Music Room?

We all share the same taste in music and then we all just get along really well and the idea of starting a band was brought up and what roles we could all fit into as far as the instruments go. It was all just was just something we thought we could do for fun really and then you know we started getting into like music gear Instruments and how independent artists do their thing and we just got it snowballing from there, to the point where we just started making songs all the time and thinking about performing and then eventually we were asked to perform seriously.

What does ​Uncle Charlie's Music Room​’s creative process look like?

The creative process for us is nothing very complex. Usually James will come up with something on guitar and Jett will get the written down for it and play the whole thing for about an hour until we decide on what works and what doesn’t. That’s about it really is it’s nothing too complicated. We’re always experimenting with new ways to do things one of our weaknesses is not communicating enough during the creative process, but it all comes with the territory of learning from your mistakes and that sort of thing.

Who are your musical influences?

We have a whole wide range of influences. I'd say what made us want to start playing in a band was King Gizzard. We look up to them that a lot, especially considering they’re from Australia and they’re from the same state that we live and how they built an empire on their own. We take a lot from so many different artists and I think it’s crucial for any artist especially starting out is to just take what you like from all of your influences to make like this fruit salad for lack of a better term.

What’s it like coming up as a band from the west of Melbourne? What makes it different?

The west is kind of limited with certain things like gig venues, studios and music shops. You kind of have to go out of your way to go into the city for things like that, and it can be a pain but it’s pretty fun for the most part, kind of like going on an adventure. You also don’t find a lot of people that are in bands in the west and those that you do, they become like your best friends and we all stay connected and help each other out, it’s beautiful.

Uncle Charlie's Music Room


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