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Get to know: UnderOath

UnderOath operates as a family of artists seeking refuge and a better life through the vessel of musical expression. From hip-hop to RnB, UnderOath approaches Melbourne's music scene with a roster of unique artists, each filling a different void in the group to build creative cohesion.

Tell us a bit about UnderOath, when did it form, and what prompted its creation?

UnderOath formed in early 2019 as a hip-hop / RnB collective from Melbourne Victoria. UnderOath was founded by members Sol Rekam and Oyo Hunna after collaborating on their first track ‘Mama’ created in the same year. Both wanting to develop a group to facilitate greater growth and confidence, UnderOath was formed and accrued a larger roster overtime including Jamesson, Cvsh, and Zay.

When and how did you get involved with music?

All members were always fans of music throughout high school and would always work on small projects. Via this passion for utilising music as a communicative vessel, they all strived to get continually better at the craft and eventually make their musical endeavours public.

What kinds of artists does UnderOath work with?

UnderOath typically operates within the hip-hop / rnb genre. Although, as a collective, they seek to continually challenge the boundaries of their musical creativity and explore new genres outside of hip-hop as well as other creative mediums (I.e. podcasting).

What’s it like operating in the west of Melbourne? What makes it different?

With most of UnderOath’s core members growing up in Melbourne’s west, all members share varying experiences. One key observed difference is the predominant genre of music produced by local creatives. There has always seemed to be a stronger hip-hop & drill scene in the suburbs, compared to outside of the west having a stronger ties to indie rock and band culture.



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