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Proto Moro: Westside's Favorite 4 Piece Punk-Funk Band

Proto Moro is a 4 Piece Funk-Punk Band from Naarm. With members including Nikodimos on Woodwind, Harry Leggatt on Guitar, Jack Eden on Bass and Gene Du Vergier on drums. They are a force to be reckoned with, moving up in the music scene with their unique sound and charm.

Photo credit: Jack Robertshawe

Hey Proto Moro, thanks for talking with us, can you introduce yourself?

Yo, we’re Proto Moro! A 4-piece Punk Funk band from Naarm

Where did the name Proto Moro come from?

It means original baby or firstborn baby in Greek.

Which artist/band are you currently loving in Naarm?

We love Ebiphe, Eli and Heavy Amber! So raw!!

What would you love to be seeing more of in music right now?

With smaller and more intimate shows, we’d like to see more instances of total fixation on the artists who are playing. Quite often we see people chatting throughout the sets and it can sometimes interrupt the magic! Remaining present is a beautiful practice, and the more this is respected, the more enjoyable the experience of music becomes.

You guys have such an interesting sound, what’s the music-making process look like for you?

It’s essentially like 4 record heads coming together and chatting about the music we’ve been listening to, then jamming after having shared a good conversation. We all listen to so many different types of music, hence why our sound is always changing and will keep remaining interesting - at least to us!

Photo credit: Jack Eden

You guys just played the 2nd Weekend at Strawberry Fields Festival, how was that? Has it been your favourite gig to play so far?

It was an amazing gig for us and an honour to play! However, it wasn’t our favourite gig. We always think back to this one set we played at Miss Moses in Brunswick. We had supported Godtet the night before and we’re so inspired for this gig. Our equipment malfunctioned on this night, but it forced us to be raw and chaotic. It was an immensely spiritual experience for us all, and we’ll remember it forever.

Forever West highlights creatives based in the West, what suburb do you mainly operate out of? And do you think this influences how you create your music?

Definitely. The artists who are creating in the West are so inventive and hardworking. A lot of us who are born in the West come from ethnic and immigrant families. Like our families who come before us, we’ve learnt how to hustle, and how to do so within our creative endeavours. This is what forms such a strong community out here, and this is what keeps us inspired and motivated.

What's next on the table for you? Are there any releases, gigs or projects lined up?

We have our second album which is currently being mixed by the extraordinary Good Mood Melbourne. This is on track to be released this year, but it’ll be out when the time is right. We also have another EP cooking with our brother and fellow west-sider Agung Mango. We’re trying not to put a time limit on this as we’re making timeless music. We’re so excited to show you all! Big love to the WEST!!! Big love to Forever West. Proto Moro loves you!!! Xxx

Photo credit: Jack Robertshawe

Proto Moro


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