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Take 5 with Miscellaneous Fuzz

With the podcast world absolutely booming at the present moment, we thought we’d tap into the scene and take 5 to chat with the newest kids on the block for all things music. Run by the incredibly talented creatives Isaiah Cirillo and Kiera Varrese, Miscellaneous Fuzz covers the local music scene, internet trends, and the occasional album review, with a focus on hip-hop and pop music.

Hey there Misc Fuzz! Tell us about your podcast!

So we’re a music podcast that focuses on both mainstream and local artists, as well as anything else about the music industry we feel like talking about! We’re generally into rap and pop music but like discussing a bit of everything.

What inspired you to start Miscellaneous Fuzz?

Like most podcasts around right now, we’re a product of COVID lockdowns! We’d been wanting to make a podcast together for a while but never really had the time. So when we were stuck inside we decided to jump into it!

After listening to quite a few episodes over the past few days, it’s apparent that you’re both incredibly knowledgeable about the music industry. Where do you get your information, can you reveal your sources??

I guess we both just really like learning about all facets of music and the music industry, so I think we just absorb random information. The podcast is the perfect place to get it all out there.

Who are some of your favourite west-based creatives at the moment?

Some artists we’ve been following include Baro who’s been around for ages now. He makes super smooth jazz rap and worked with Mac Miller on a track for his last album. We also love Yergurl who makes super energetic hyper-pop. As for emerging artists, we work heaps with the UnderOath collective who are a group of incredibly talented rappers and producers. Keep an eye out for a new single dropping soon!

And finally, the best place for Miscellaneous Fuzz in the west is _______?

Our friend Sol Rekam has a studio that is full of artists that collaborate together and just hang out. It’s a nice space that has positive energy. It keeps us motivated and moving.

Keep an eye out for ‘The Pocket,’ a live music event presented by Miscellaneous Fuzz. Scheduled for November, the show will feature performances from emerging hip-hop, rap, and RnB artists.

Miscellaneous Fuzz


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