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Amplify meets Foley Magazine

In the week leading up to our Amplify: Forever West event, we’ll be getting to know the artists and small business owners that will be joining us on Sunday.

Tell us about yourself?

Foley is a female-run independent magazine that focuses on showcasing an array of people within the Australian music community; ranging from musicians, to record label owners, to visual artists. We release physical copies seasonally, featuring interviews, thought pieces, and information on Australia’s finest music industry creatives.

Describe your style and what inspires your art?

The music we listen to is predominantly what inspires the content of the magazine. There are three of us that are involved in this project and we all have varying tastes which allows for a diverse range of artists to be showcased. Every edition we create has a new theme we choose, with visual artists creating art pieces for it. As our magazine is physical, we place prominence on the visual aesthetic, and ensure we have new creatives for each magazine to allow for different styles to be displayed.

What motivates you to create?

We are motivated by the community that we build with each magazine! Every new issue allows us to discover more artists, find more gigs to attend, and support more local businesses. We feel it’s important to include contributors that we are genuinely passionate about, which makes getting motivated to do the work a lot easier. We also like to do a range of creative articles, rather than having the magazine be entirely general Q&A’s. This allows us to really get to know the creatives we are interviewing and have some fun with the work we are doing.

Your magazine allows for smaller artists to be discovered, which is awesome! When finalising who will be in each edition, what's the process like for you?

Thank you! Our main goal when starting Foley Magazine was to create a platform that showcased a range of up-and-coming musicians that may not get as much of a voice in larger platforms, and we continue to aim for that. Every time a new edition rolls around, the three of us write a list of some of our favourite artists that are releasing music around the time of our release. We divide the selected contributors into three to ensure we are all working with people that we are genuinely interested in, and that all of our individual tastes are being met.

In the beginning, we put emphasis on making sure the magazine was diverse in terms of the gender, sexuality, race, and genre of our contributors. Quickly, we realised that we didn’t need to consciously choose, because it happened naturally. We receive a lot of submissions, and have made a number of great connections with PR companies and record labels, so we are fortunate to consistently find amazing new music to choose from. There is an endless amount of talent in the Melbourne music community alone, so it’s been very easy for us to showcase creatives that we are passionate about.

You can shop Foley Magazine this Sunday at Amplify: Forever West.

Settle in at the Bluestone Church Arts Space for an afternoon of live music, literary performances and art by emerging artists from the Western suburbs and beyond, guest-curated by Rude Baby Records.

Sunday, June 19 ♡ 4:00pm - 6:00pm

⛪️ Bluestone Church Arts Space - 8A Hyde Street, Footscray 3011

More info + tickets here


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