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In the week leading up to our Amplify: Forever West event, we’ll be getting to know the artists and small business owners that will be joining us on Sunday.

Tell us about yourself?

Hi, my name is Tommy, I'm a rapper and graphic designer based in East Melbourne. It all began around 2020 when I started to take my hobby more seriously by producing promotional digital artworks for my music and making merch. Until early 2021 when I started to have a clearer view on my creative style, from how I wanted to present my aesthetic.

Describe your style and what inspires your art form?

I have many styles, but I guess I can define it as drained, distorted, and airy. That's the best way I can define my style. Most times my designs are inspired mainly by my favourite music artist, music covers, Instagram designers, and clothing designer brands, such as their image on the way they present their brand with model shoots, products and runways. This gets me in the mood to experiment more with my art form.

What motivates you to create?

I feel like you can't force yourself to start creating art whenever you feel like, it just happens naturally. But when I feel inspired and motivated to design it usually comes from listening to music, the music I make, graphic design artworks on Instagram, photos I have taken, and screenshots from cool artworks and clothes that I like.

I noticed not only do you produce artwork but also make music, do they tend to cross over a lot for you or do you try to keep them separate?

I tend to cross over my music image and produced artworks together as one. They both have the same branding visuals.

You can see work from STRANGE WORLD LE KILLAH this Sunday at Amplify: Forever West.

Settle in at the Bluestone Church Arts Space for an afternoon of live music, literary performances and art by emerging artists from the Western suburbs and beyond, guest-curated by Rude Baby Records.

Sunday, June 19 ♡ 4:00pm - 6:00pm

⛪️ Bluestone Church Arts Space - 8A Hyde Street, Footscray 3011

More info + tickets here


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