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Amplify meets jasmine jafari

In the week leading up to our Amplify: Forever West event, we’ll be getting to know the artists and small business owners that will be joining us on Sunday.

untitled c.2020 by jasmine jafari

Tell us about yourself?

Hello! My name is jasmine and i’m a multi-disciplinary artist and curator based in Naarm. I dont really know how to talk about myself so heres a list of the things i like doing in my spare time; i love reading, bike-riding, gardening and going to gardens, eating maccas, annoying my cats, and drinking lots of tea.

Describe your style and what inspires your art form?

Umm i’m not too sure what i’d label my style but some people have said post-internet or youth culture as a style which definitely resonates.

And sooo many things inspire me! In terms of style i get inspired by heaps of artists and subcultures. in terms of colour pallettes and the atmospheres i try to replicate, my inspiration comes from just observing! it sounds so silly but an example would be… one time my housemate and i were driving home from the shops it was really gloomy, the greyish baby blue colour of the sky with the neon red stop light and dark green grass all popped out and then i used those colours in a drawing. Anyways those are just a couple of the things that inspire me, if i’m honest the list is endless!

What motivates you to create?

A few things but to list a couple…i get really motivated after seeing other people's work and i also feel motivated day to day as creating often feels like an act of catharsis so whenever i’m trying to process things it feels really natural to make something.

Your art is full of different techniques and materials, what's that process like combining all those? Does it change each time?

Specifically regarding my drawings the process is definitely the same each time. There’s not really a plan whenever i create them either, i just get out all of the mediums and start drawing whatever comes to mind. Each piece is kind of like a time-stamp as to where i’m mentally at when i create it, the imagery and written parts are a mix of the things i like and am thinking about and then in terms of the mediums it’s quite intuitive!

‘i’m just sunnning’ c.2021 by jasmine jafari

You can see work from jasmine jafari this Sunday at Amplify: Forever West.

Settle in at the Bluestone Church Arts Space for an afternoon of live music, literary performances and art by emerging artists from the Western suburbs and beyond, guest-curated by Rude Baby Records.

Sunday, June 19 ♡ 4:00pm - 6:00pm

⛪️ Bluestone Church Arts Space - 8A Hyde Street, Footscray 3011

More info + tickets here


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