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Get to know: Plaza-Trg

Plaza-Trg is 3 longtime friends who play synthy art pop songs about pretty much anything, and honestly just have a lot of fun doing it.

How did you all get involved with music and what prompted the beginning of ​Plaza-Trg​?

Harry: We all went to Primary School together! Sunny and I have been mates since Grade 1 and Ryan came into the picture around Grade 6 when we all got forced to do a James Blunt cover at the school concert with another friend of ours. We decided to just play together from then on and burn the fedoras we wore, and along with our ex bass player and great mate Chris became Plaza-Trg. We haven’t really looked back at all. Aside from losing all our bass players aha.

What does ​Plaza-Trg’s ​creative process look like?

Ryan: Before very recently I would just write the whole song on guitar and bring it to the band, it worked out well for quite some time. This year, once Harry got back from travel and before the great virus, he and I got together and jammed out pretty much an album in one or two days. Then we bought Sunny in and refined the ideas and then snuck away to record in early July! We don’t really have a set creative process but I think that’s how things will go on in the future, it’s really nice to have others to bounce off of creatively and who can bake ideas with you.

Who are your musical influences?

Harry: We’ve all really loved Foals and Bloc Party for a long time, especially those early frantic records. On top of that we’ve delved away from guitar-centric bands into more proper synth kinda bands, especially Metronomy, as well as pursuing some indie-folk like Born Ruffians. Also everyone at every show we’ve ever played says we sound like Vampire Weekend and Talking Heads so that’s a solid win we’ll take that.

What’s it like coming up as a band from the west of Melbourne? What makes it different?

We think a big positive was how close knit the community was growing up and still is! Most bands know each other really well from playing together countless times at The Dancing Dog. We were so sad to see that place go, it definitely was the glue that held the scene together :( Also the west is much more chilled out than the occasional east side parties we’d play, which were really planned out and rigid. So being from the West is pretty special to us.


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