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SEZ: music comedian run us through her latest project 'My Best Mate Tom'

Brunswick icon Sez is bringing the two greatest things of all time together; music and comedy. Her quick wit, exciting personality and fantastic voice are taking over the social media world. And with her latest song 'My Best Mate Tom' accompanied by a captivating music video, Sez is definitely one to look out for.

Photo credit: Riley Geary

Firstly, tell us about yourself!

Hey I’m Sez! I live in the thirty five six (brunny) and I make comedy and work in the arts. Omg I feel like this is a dating profile. I SWEAR I’M SO FUCKN DOWN TO EARTH AYE. I have the fattest ass north of the yarra and eating pesto pasta constantly is my personality trait.

You are pretty big on Tik Tok, when did you start getting into that side of social media? How did it all unfold, to now having 1.4 million likes and 23 thousand followers on the app.

I joined Tiktok during one of the first lockdowns and got addicted. It felt like a nice escape from the shitshow that was happening with covid and it was a great way to get creative when there were no gigs and I was extremely broke living in a tiny room in my Brunswick Sharehouse. I like that Tiktok has a bunch of niches and the algorithm is a lot better for users then instagram. My first viral video was a ‘day in the life’ satirical video, then when I put out a song about my ex fred who cheated on me with a barista and spent all his money on weed I woke up the next day and it had popped off. I was pretty surprised as I put zero effort into the video and the quality wasn’t that great.

Photo credit: Riley Geary You have a way with mixing your comedic work to your music that sounds so effortless, what made you want to write those types of songs?

I used to write serious songs when I was a teenager thinking I was Nick Cave or some shit but truthfully I just sounded like Lily Allen if she was playing goon of fortune at ya mates 21st. I lived in London for some time after highschool and loved the comedy scene and tried a bit of standup but realised if I had my guitar with me I felt more comfortable. When I came back to Australia I was extremely heartbroken from a relationship and to feel better I started writing about it. And instead of pretending I have a huge vocab and have happy endings to my songs I thought fuck it I’ll just tell the truth.

In the last few years non-male comics have been flowing to the front of Australian comedy, can you share some of your favourite local comics at the moment?

OMG SO CRAZY RIGHT. Thank fuck, but the comedy industry is still so male dominated and I feel it every time I go to a gig. In melbourne I like Miso Bell, Ashley Acap, Daisy Webb, Maddy Weeks, Bianka Ismalovik, Grace Zhang, Ainslee Rose, Sam Andrew, Mel O’brien, Prue Blake and shout out to Sydney comic Gabbi bolt. There’s so many more that I love to ahhhhh bloody hell.

How do you come up with your lyrics? Can you tell us what the songwriting process looks like for you?

I usually write a poem, then I’ll try it with a few different chord progressions or melodies. A lot of the time the songs that I think won't hit usually do so I make sure to try it out on tik tok live stream and at comedy gigs to see how people react. I’m not everyones cuppa tea which is so fair. Not everyone in comedy is my cuppa tea either.

Your music has such a unique sound. When it comes to your music, who do you find yourself being inspired by?

I’m inspired by artists like Courtney Barnett, Lily Allen, Fleetwood Mac, Lizzo, Kimbra, Flight of the Conchords and a lot of Irish Folk-Rock legends. They all use pretty simple chord progressions and I like that less is more. I like that the story really carries the song rather then the composition. When I first started learning guitar I thought if I could play a song like ‘Ocean’ by John Butler I’d be respected. Now I’m just happy with two to four chords. I was really inspired by Courntey Barnett in highschool and I think it’s sick that she uses words like Mi-goreng and methlab.

You have your debut EP Love does not cross the Yarra coming out soon, can you tell us about it?

It’s a cesspit of rage this EP mixed with the acceptance that your 20’s is a shitstorm. They’ll be more songs about my ex’s and then some songs about how I’ve had to metaphorically and spiritually suck dick to get opportunities in the performing arts. I am not exaggerating. It’s rough out here unless your approved by Hamish and Andy, played on Triple J or your Dad works with the Director of Mushroom or MICF. It’s a tad cooked.

Video credit: Riley Geary, Sarah O'Neill, Selin Kaya

You are doing so well for yourself, what is next on the cards for you Sez!

WELL THANK YOU, bout bloody time someone around here noticed my genius. I reckon I’ll keep performing and making music for now but for sure will win grammys in no time. If australia isn’t keen to celebrate more young non-male comics then I will probably fuck off to London or the US and be a broke struggling comic there and see

what happens. Who bloody knows.

Photo credit: Riley Geary



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